Watch: Kings of Leon play at the world’s worst bar in ‘Pyro’

12.10.10 7 years ago

When the whole world’s broken, sometimes you just need a little music, y’know?

Welcome to the World’s Worst Bar Ever, host to Kings of Leon’s music video for “Pyro.” It’s hardly a locale for royalty, as the quartet plays to sad patrons — the wheelchair-bound, the domestic abuser, the lonely stripper, the awkward mismatched dates, the bitter bartender.

As I said in my review of KOL’s newest “Come Around Sundown,” “Pyro” features frontman Caleb Followill pushing some pretty strong religious imagery, admitting “I don’t wanna be your cornerstone.” Yet it’s the band that acts as a guide to heaven/the Light/an afterlife to these characters on the eve of destruction. Just as things are about to turn uglier in this single-shot video, the characters are lifted from the ground and sent skyward. It’s very lovely up there, like being in water.

Thematically, it has similar Messianic implications as the rock act’s curious clip for “Radioactive,” though this one lacking in racial implications and with violence to boot.

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