Watch: Kris Allen’s ‘The Vision of Love’ video inspires

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Doing the right thing can be scary, but in Kris Allen”s video for “The Vision of Love,” show that a few seconds of courage can make all the difference.

The song, the debut single from the “American Idol” winner”s second album, “Thank You Camellia,”  out May 22, is about standing up for those less fortunate, even when fear takes over. That theme plays itself out in two scenario”s in the video. In the first, a high schooler is bullied  and one of the cool kids looks on doing nothing (both the kid being bullied and the onlooker have on hoodies with the hood up… probably shot too early to be a Trayvon Martin statement, but maybe not).  In the second case, a girl, with a black eye, who yearns to be told she”s beautiful (in cliched, typical fashion, the addition of eye glasses signify her “homeliness.” Please…), but feels too scared to join a group of girls talking.

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The scenarios play out intercut with footage of Allen playing the song and we”ll say that all”s well that ends well, but not without some bravery on the part of the students. The clip is meant to appeal to Allen”s younger base and it sends a nice, yet oversimplifed message.

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