Watch: Lady Antebellum’s new video for ‘Hello World’

10.28.10 7 years ago

In Lady Antebellum”s soulful ballad, “Hello World,”  lead singer Charles Kelley details  a world that so many of us exist in, but aren”t really a part of. We”re so busy checking our cell phones, frustrated at the traffic jam and stressed about work that we”re not paying attention to the beauty that is around us.  And we”re in some kind of psychic pain because of it.

But then something comes along, it can be a giggling child, a beautiful rainbow or a gorgeous sunset that gently tugs you back to the present and a state of gratitude.  In this case, it”s an adorable little girl, enjoying an ice cream cone in the backseat of an SUV, waving to people in other cars like we all did when we were small. Flash to the front seat and her parents are bickering.

The trio, using the always popular trope of  performing on a rain-slicked, dark street in the middle of the city, adopts the proper somber tone as events take a tragic turn.

We”re not going to give away the ending, but it”s a bit heavy handed. However, be sure to watch until the ending for the twist.  Plus, we”re feeling a bit bad for the dad, who gets carted away here and forgotten about.

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