Watch: Lady GaGa cavorts with nearly naked men in ‘Alejandro’ video

06.08.10 7 years ago 10 Comments


Sometimes the only words to say are “Thank you.”  Lady GaGa has said her black & white video for “Alejandro,” which premiered today on, is about her love for her gay male friends. And she loves them a lot –at least enough to let them have close to 10 minutes of writhing around in nothing but tight black shorts– at first in some military formation. Glad to see “Don”t Ask, Don”t Tell” has been abolished in GaGa”s world.

There”s some snow, a gauzy funeral scene, a heart carried on a pillow, and a buff dude  in a spiked helmet holding a gun to his crotch.  That”s about it for plot. Plus some really bad bowl haircuts.

The song, one of her weakest so far,  is a rip-off of Madonna”s “La Isla Bonita,” which Lady GaGa seems to acknowledge as the dancers cop moves straight out of “Vogue.” The video is chockful of other homages to Madge, including the Catholic iconography (check out LG in a leather habit, swallowing her rosary. Can”t wait to see what the Pope has to say about that) and some light bondage, as well as a stylish advancement on Madonna”s infamous cone bra.

Directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein, “Alejandro” is a visual feast, but, by Lady GaGa”s standards, there”s nothing particularly shocking or innovative here. It”s no “Paparazzi” or “Telephone.”  Even the final scene is a bit of a take-off of an earlier Lady GaGa video, but it”s still head and shoulders above the average video out there these days.

 What did you think?

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