Watch: Lady Gaga says ‘I feel like people are trying to destroy me’

04.25.11 6 years ago 6 Comments


Four weeks from today Lady Gaga will unleash her new album, “Born This Way,” upon a very suspecting world (really, is there anyone who doesn”t know yet that this album is coming May 23)?

But in the meantime, we continue to get our regular dose of Lady Gaga as her perpetual promotion machine continues to loudly hum away. No word on if she”ll actually take off Friday and let the Royal Wedding grab the headlines or if she”ll figure out some way to snare the spotlight from Kate and William by crashing the wedding in some spectacularly inappropriate fashion.

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So take your paws and mark your calendars for three Lady Gaga events coming up: On Wednesday, Lady Gaga will perform “Judas” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday, April 27, according to Idolator. More importantly, the “Judas” video, directed by Lady Gaga and choreographer Laurieanne Gibson, will debut the week of May 2 (that”s next week) on “American Idol,” according to her label. No word yet if it will be on Wednesday or Thursday, but our money is on Thursday. We’re checking with her label and will get back to you.

And, of course, her HBO special airs May 7. You must check out this footage from the HBO concert as Lady Gaga prays backstage but not before going through a mini-breakdown and feeling that “people are trying to destroy me,” and that she still feels like “a loser.”  It’s a compelling moment.

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