Watch: Lady GaGa talks about new album, ‘Born This Way’ in concert

09.16.10 7 years ago

Matt Sayles/AP

Fresh off her eight wins at MTV”s Video Music Awards Sunday night, Lady Gaga, revealed details about “Born This Way,” at a concert in Philadelphia Tuesday night.

“It was killing me, I wanted to tell you my new album title so bad… it was almost like I was having trouble coming out on stage. The new album is finished…And I”m so proud of it. You know how I am about everything whether it”s this song. I just get so wrapped up in the ideas and the music and the imagery and what I want to do. I”m living in the new album,” she says in the video we found on

“I”ve never worked so hard on anything my whole life,” she continues. “I just can”t wait for you to hear it,” describing the creation process as all-consuming.

She then launches into “You and I,” which she debuted in concert earlier this summer. “It”s going to get real heavy in here,” she said, so if so inclined, “you might want to light up a joint about right now,” before quickly adding, “I”m not promoting drug use.”

As you”ll see below, the song has morphed a little from its earlier unveiling, including a crazy part where she plays guitar with her boot.

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