Watch: Lenny Kravitz as you’ve never seen him in new video for ‘Stand’

07.15.11 6 years ago

We”ve already declared our love for Lenny Kravitz”s new single, the crunchy, infectious pop delight, “Stand.” And now he”s made a Foo Fighters-worthy video to go along with it. And that is high praise indeed.

The song has a ’70s vibe to it, so it makes perfect sense that the Paul Hunter-directed clip sets the Wayback Machine to a spoof of “Let”s Make A Deal”–the original with Monty Hall, not the current lame version with Wayne Brady.

Kravitz plays obnoxious host Bart Billingsworth as well as bad, hair-flipping Prince clone, Desmond Richie.  As deal after deal goes south for the contestants, drummer Bubba Washington, also played by Kravitz, pulls back the curtain (literally) on the corruption.

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The video has nothing to do with the uplifting video, but we don”t care. It”s fun to watch the truly horrible fashion and see Kravitz play three roles, all of them very different, He”s giving Dave Grohl a run for his money. We already knew he could act from movies like “Precious,” but this makes us more excited to see him in “The Hunger Games.”

The song is the first single from “Black & White America,” Kravitz”s new album out Aug. 30.

More importantly, where can we get that hot dog outfit and the squirrel in the canoe?

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