Watch: Leona Lewis’s new video for ‘I Got You’

02.15.10 8 years ago

AP Photo

Things haven”t gone quite as planned for Leona Lewis with “Echo,” her follow up to her platinum plus debut “Spirit.” The album has only sold 175,000 in its first three months of release. Additionally, “I See You,” her end-title song from “Avatar,” is about the only thing from the movie that didn”t score an Oscar nod.

But despite her own personal setbacks, she”s got your back. That”s the message in “I Got You,” her brand new video for her current melodramatic, sweet single. Although it would appear she”s here for you from a distance.

As various beautiful people go through various states of breakdown-from what, we”re not sure– Lewis assures us from the safety of her gorgeous penthouse suite, that she”s “got you… a place to crash, no need to ask, I got you.”

No one here has a standard breakdown on their standard issue sofa; they”re either in the middle of the desert or in a pool, in their bathroom, a stairwell or on the side of the road. But don”t worry, Lewis is coming.

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