Stephen Colbert premieres new clip from nonexistent ‘Candy Crush’ movie

11.11.15 2 years ago


With the company behind the incredibly popular mobile game Candy Crush being purchased for $5.9 billion last week by Activision Blizzard, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert wondered if perhaps this wasn't part of the “World of Warcraft” maker's plans to create its own movie and TV studio. Could a “Candy Crush” movie be in the works? 

Probably not, but that doesn't mean Colbert and special guest Liam Neeson can't show us what it might look like! Spoiler alert: this movie threatens to upend the entire Candy Crush narrative as we know it, as Neeson's Mr. Toffee has been impaled by a candy cane.

“My game is over,” he gasps. “I'm out of moves.”

His son, played by Colbert, despairs over his father's impending death. Then he gets distracted playing Candy Crush.

Hey, if Angry Birds can do it, why not Candy Crush?

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