Watch: Lil Wayne channels U2 in music video for ‘Da Da Da’

05.28.10 7 years ago

Lil Wayne is trying hard to be a rock star behind bars and with his genre-melding album “Rebirth,” and what better way than to host a concert from a big city rooftop? I mean, The Beatles and U2 did it…

And it was precisely the latter that Weezy was channeling for his music video to “Da Da Da” from the rock ‘n’ rap album. Plex, a member of Wayne’s backing band ¡Mayday!, told MTV that the “Where the Streets Have No Name” clip was an inspiration.

The result was Lil Wayne and the band taking over a balcony at the Marlin Hotel in Miami, over Super Bowl weekend in the host city. Helicopters get overhead shots of everyone bouncing around, while street-level cams mostly caught pretty girls looking up and pointing. And that’s it. It doesn’t particularly go anywhere from there, much like the song, but it certainly does get the rapper’s personality in there.

This is just one of four Lil Wayne videos that MTV/MTV Jams is premiering over its long Lil Tunechi Weekend. While many of us will be spending the next three days being not-incarcerated, some of that time may be used catching “Knock Out” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Runnin'” and “Get a Life.”

Those — plus up to two dozen other music videos — were shot before Wayne headed to Rikers in early March for a year, serving his sentence for a gun charge.

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