Watch: Lil Wayne, Diddy join Mary J. Blige in new track from ‘My Life II’

04.07.11 7 years ago

Mary J. Blige may be looking for someone to love her, but I’m already looking for the reggae remix.

“Someone to Love Me (Naked),” featuring Lil Wayne and Diddy, dropped this week, ahead of the announcement that Blige’s new album “My Life II: The Journey Continues” will be released this summer.

The set is the sequel to her 1994 sophomore set “My Life,” the follow-up to her debut “What’s the 411?”. Both were produced by none other than Sean Combs. She and Diddy cut ties soon thereafter, so this is a reunion of sorts; “My Life II” is set to drop in September.

And now I can’t believe we’re even talking about September.

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“Love Me” is “Naked” considering it’s astoundingly stripped sound, with just that cold beat, the breath, her simple vocal line and noir-ish guitar line. It’s a killer track, and even Diddy — who normally looks like a fool compared to someone like Weezy — really rhymes to the vibe. The chorus is unorthodox in its meter, subdued compared to what parades as a gangbusters crossover chorus today. It’s sweet, almost feral. It’s a good look for Blige.

Wayne’s on the clock too, reminding us “There’s no ‘them’ without ‘me'” and putting his ugly all out in front of the camera. Despite the cheesiness factor of fake lighthing and Blige’s pimp duds, it’s an easy, simple clip.

What do you think of the track? Will this be on repeat this season?

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