Watch: Linkin Park are seeing stars in ‘Waiting for the End’

10.08.10 7 years ago

Particularly after the band’s MTV VMA performance, the “Blackbirds” promotion and their association with “Transformers,” I haven’t been much for Linkin Park over the last year. But today, I was pleasantly surprised: there’s a recent LP song that I can say I actually like now.

The rockers premiered the video to “Waiting for the End” today, and the clip is packed with a lot of data and stuff going on that somehow turned out to be very beautiful. The band members are grids. They’re constellations. They look great.

This is a fine instance of liking a track more because of its video, with props due to Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn, the clip’s director. The songwriting is kind of a mess, and the mix is so over-the-top for such an intimate sentiment and the drums are grumbling like D’n’B is back in style.  But it works for me, with such a dark palatte and strong imagery.

“Waiting for the End” is culled from the band’s latest full-length, “A Thousand Suns,” released this summer.

What do you think of the video?

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