Watch: LMFAO’s ‘Sorry For Party Rocking’ video with a special guest

02.21.12 5 years ago

You know what? I don”t think LMFAO is remotely apologetic for party rocking. At least not by the likes of the new video for “Sorry For Party Rocking.”  I also am not so sure how much the Redfoo and Sky Blu”s electro-pop anthems lend themselves to complicated linear plot lines, so the duo wisely keeps the hijinks light.

The clip opens with an fake old couple reminiscent of The Ropers from “Three”s Company” or Al and Peg Bundy from “Married With Children,” in that the wife wants some action, but the husband is not in the mood.  He goes over to the party house to get them to turn the noise down, but, of course, no one, even the cops, are about to stop the music.

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There”s also a very special guest who makes a cameo. If you saw the duo at the MTV Awards, you won”t be at all surprised who it is. And then at the end, there”s also a Kid N” Play joke that no one under 35 will likely get.

It”s many bright colors, lots of product placement for Ciroc, and it answers some questions, if it”s a prequel, about the antics in “Party Rock Anthem.”

We really dig the zebra, but we wonder how long LMFAO can keep its one trick pony going.

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