Watch: ‘Mad Men’s’ Christina Hendricks stars in Broken Bells’ ‘Ghost’ video

06.03.10 8 years ago

Will your dream vacation to resort planet BB114 in outerspace cost you an arm and a leg? Let Broken Bells’ James Mercer and Danger Mouse take you there.

That at least is the premise for the new clip to their track “The Ghost Inside,” culled from the collabo’s self-titled set released earlier this year. And the big-name combo didn’t stop with just the songs. Christina Hendricks, aka Joan of “Mad Men” got in on the intergalactic action.

While the Shins’ Mercer and producer Danger Mouse were big fans of the television show, it ends up Hendricks liked the pair as well.

”We assumed we would ask and that’d be it,” Mercer told EW. ”She’s got to be so busy, and who the hell are we? But she said yes! Turns out she’s a fan of our record.”

The result is stunning, well played and looks like it cost… well, an arm and a leg. Making one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood into an android must’ve been no easy feat, and that personal spaceship likely wasn’t put together with construction paper and staples (sorry, 3oh!3).

It it compliments the song, which I generally didn’t give much of a second thought to when “Broken Bells” came out in March. It ends up having a much more invigorating beat. Those intro instrumentals could be the sound of a thousand commercials.

And, hey, and it’s far more entertaining than a Broken Bells show.

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