Watch: ‘Mad Men’s’ Jon Hamm talks ‘The Town’ and Alan Sepinwall

09.15.10 7 years ago 13 Comments

One of the more respected commercial films screened at this week’s Toronto Film Festival is Ben Affleck’s “The Town.”  While most admit it’s not as artistically ambitious as Affleck’s previous effort, “Gone Baby Gone,” but it features an impressive ensemble cast who get to showcase many of their charismatic talents.  Joining Affleck in the film are Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner, an almost unrecognizable Blake Lively and none other than Don Draper himself, Jon Hamm.

Now, it’s almost sacrilegious to say so on HitFix, but I’ve probably only watched one or two episodes of “Mad Men” so far.  Unfortunately, the life of a movie journalist often limits what you can find the time to catch on the small screen and I purposely didn’t even get a DVR until less than a year ago.  Excuses aside, I had hoped to ask Hamm something about “Men” for our readers, but as soon as I was introduced (before the cameras began to tape), Hamm asked, “HitFix?  That’s Alan Sepinwall’s site.  I read that.”  And, after a quiet “Yes!” went through my heart, well, that’s when the camera started rolling…

As for the big screen, Hamm has a great presence in “The Town” and you hope he’ll find more time for bigger roles during his downtime from playing America’s favorite advertising executive.  In fact, we’d bet on it.

“The Town” opens nationwide on Friday.

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