Mark Wahlberg says they ‘really hit each other’ in ‘The Fighter’

11.29.10 7 years ago

Mark Wahlberg is a sports fan.  And he’s a big Boston sports fan.  So, while speaking to the press a few weekends ago for his new spirited drama “The Fighter,” Wahlberg made sure there was a flat screen TV eyesight so he could keep track of a very close Patriots and Colts game.  I was lucky to get Wahlberg’s complete attention because of a commercial break, but it was endearing to hear him scream for joy when the Patriots sealed the deal.  He was so loud you could probably have heard it on either floor above and below his room.  It’s that personal passion that fueled Wahlberg’s four-year journey to get “The Fighter” made.

The story of boxing legend Micky Ward’s last shot at redemption in the ring, “The Fighter” is an entertaining and dramatic powerhouse of a movie with impressive performances across the board.  A lot of discussion has gone into the physical transformation that Wahlberg’s co-star Christian Bale made to play the drug addicted trainer Dickie Ward (Micky’s brother), but the film’s producer spent years continuously training to play the boxing legend Micky.  Wahblerg shakes his head in embarrassment recalling all the times he told the press he was still working hard in the ring and was expecting to shoot “The Fighter” in “just” a few months.  On the contrary, he should be feeling pride.  Many actors would have given up on the project, but it’s his dedication that seems to have been infectious among his co-stars and director David O. Russell (who came in to replace Darren Aronofsky).  

For more typically blunt revelations from Wahlberg, check out our discussion embedded in this post.

To watch an exclusive clip from the film featuring Wahlberg, Bale and co-stars Amy Adams and Melissa Leo, click here.

“The Fighter” opens in limited release on Dec. 10 and nationwide on Dec. 17.

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