Watch: Maxwell’s styling new clip for ‘Fistful of Tears’

04.14.10 8 years ago

It”s a great time to be Maxwell. His “Blacksummer”s Night” album is a big hit, he nabbed himself some Grammys earlier this year, he”s got a great tour going on and now he has another new glossy video for “Fistful of Tears” to add to his portfolio.

In the black and white video (Hmmm, John Mayer released a B&W video this week too… I smell a trend),  Maxwell is bathed in gorgeous light-not that he needs any help in looking amazing.

He”s alone on a television stage– no audience, no band– on a set that looks straight out the late ’50s, early ’60s, as does his sartorially splendid suit. As he sings the beautiful ballad about a relationship with a very troubled girl, a ghost band all in black or white silhouette appears behind him.

It”s a very classy video befitting a classy song and classy artist. Maxwell is compelling enough of a performer that he can carry a clip with no major bells and whistles.

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