Watch: ‘Mean Gurlz’ is ‘Mean Girls’ with more twerking and ‘Moesha’ references

06.13.13 4 years ago

“Mean Girls” was a good movie and all, but after watching “Mean Gurlz” I realized I do have a few problems with it. For instance:

1) It doesn’t have a single character named “Rhiyonce.”

2) There is no twerking in the entire movie.

3) The line “You is not gonna have me looking like some bootleg Precious” is not spoken, ever.

4) When the mean girls point out the cliques in the cafeteria, the “chocolate queens” are conspicuously absent.

5) “Moesha” is never referenced, either implicitly or explicitly.

6) There are no weaves, and they are not full of secrets.

7) No Antoine Dodson cameo.

8) Where is this guy? Not in “Mean Girls,” that’s where.

Screen shot from Mean Gurlz

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