Watch: Megan Fox and Edward Burns talk ‘Friends With Kids’ and being perfect

03.09.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

“Friends with Kids” is not just the story of said friends, but the girlfriends and boyfriends that come from the outside into the group. Megan Fox’s character Mary Jane and Edward Burns’ Kurt are just that.

The two actors also came into an ensemble that was fresh from finishing “Bridesmaids.” According to our interview with Fox and Burns, coming into the group off-screen felt a little like what was going on onscreen, at least for one scene. It helped to heighten the drama with their “outsiderness.”

But, said Burns, “Everybody’s very cool and very funny.”

Fox said her experience has further whetted her appetite for workin comedies, saying she’d rather take up a comic script than a heavy drama or action.

Check out the rest of HitFix’s interview with the pair of actors, with Burns talking about what it was like to play the perfect man, and Fox’s draw to the film.

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“Friends With Kids” is out today (March 9).

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