Watch: MGMT and an odd bird cross the desert in ‘Congratulations’ video

08.25.10 7 years ago


It must be the month for weird creatures in music videos.  Last week, we posted Yeasayer”s clip for “Madder Red,” featuring Kristen Bell and a hairless pet that was a cross between a plucked turkey and a fish.

This week, for the video for “Congratulations,” the title track off its new album, MGMT  (Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser) treks through the desert with what looks like a bald, four-legged emu. Like the whatzit in the Yeasayer video, this creature is having a really bad day, to put it mildly, but seemingly lives on in the afterlife in some form.  Both videos follow an oddly similar trajectory.

We don”t know who directed “Congratulations,” but wouldn”t be at all surprised if it were Andreas Nilsson, who has worked with MGMT before and who helmed the “Madder Red” clip.

Go ahead, put on some beige so you’ll blend right in, and tell us what you think of “Congratulations.”

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