Watch: Michael Sheen is simply aglow as Castor in ‘Tron: Legacy’

12.09.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Tron: Legacy is a faithful follow up to the 1982 Disney classic (cult classic?) It’s amazing on the eyes and makes great use of 3D technology to truly create an immersive world. But with “modern” also came “serious” and the film tends to remain on the grim side of things with considerably less humor than the first. One exception to this tone, however is the appearance of Castor, played by Michael Sheen.

In the film, Castor owns the “End of Line” club, and is apparently the man to see if you want to get in touch with Zuse, a powerful rebel fighting against CLU. Sheen has a blast playing the flamboyant club owner, and is one of the few actors in the film that appear to be having fun.

His costume is all glam rock and If you’ll notice, this is also the scene where Daft Punk makes their cameo appearance. They were obviously sucked into this universe after playing “Derezzed” in Flynn’s Arcade.

Check out the clip below and go watch Tron: Legacy when it opens December 17th in theaters and iMax.

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