Watch: Mike Judge directs animated clip for Zac Brown Band’s ‘The Wind’

07.03.12 6 years ago

Atlantic Records

Hank Hill is nowhere to be found and there”s not a stapler in sight, but there”s still plenty of fun to be had in the new video for Zac Brown Band”s “The Wind.” Directed by “King of The Hill”  and “Office Space”s” Mike Judge, the animated clip is little bit wacky.

“Robo Redneck AKA The Six Million Dollar Honky” features a cartoon Brown out four-wheeling with his buddies when he gets accidentally shot by a hunter”s errant bullet.

Modern medicine and science step in and he”s reconstructed as a musical Iron Man, with skills far beyond playing the guitar.  That bionic hand comes in quite handy for more than popping a beer top.

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We don”t know if they”re kidding when the video concludes with “Coming Soon:  Robo Redneck vs. the Bionic Peckerwood,” but we hope not. That would be awesome.

“The Wind” is the first single from “Uncaged,” the new Zac Brown Band album out July 10.

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