Watch: More live footage from supergroup Them Crooked Vultures

08.24.09 8 years ago

Dustin Rabin

Them Crooked Vultures — the new Led Zeppelin/Foo Fighters/Queens of the Stoneage supergroup — has been sharing bits and pieces of their new songs during their live sets and, more prominently, through Twitter.

The group played its first show in Chicago two weeks back, then Amsterdam last Wednesday. The group crashed the Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium on Thursday and today have decided to share one fan-made video of the the song “Elephant” via YouTube.

The track is a psych-out, starting out mid-tempo, then growling into distorted guitar riffage, sputtering into a little prog before Josh Homme dramatically, almost operatically, gets stoner on your ass.

It’s pretty heavy, sorta retro. But were we all so lucky, we’d be the skins on Dave Grohl’s drums, the frets on John Paul Jones’ bass. Oh and guitarist Alain Johannes is pretty good too.

The video comes a week after the group sent out another video teaser-trailer to “Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I,” also below.

The band has been updating their whereabouts via Google Earth, and it’s starting to look like they’ll be rocking their way across Europe, perhaps at other music fests.

Otherwise, they’ve updated fans with new merch to buy, which feels a bit like getting a booty call but then, later, a text saying they’ll call tomorrow instead.

Fans suppose there will be an album coming, considering the studio quality of the “Nobody Loves Me” teasers, but no details have arrived yet.

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