Watch: Mr. Hudson and Kanye in ‘Supernova’

06.30.09 8 years ago

OK, I feel it is time once and for all to clear up one common misconception: contrary to popular belief, women do not nap, or prefer to run, in high heels.Take a deep breath, and let’s move on.

Also, to clear up another rumor, the auto-tune is not effectively deceased, despite the efforts of one Jay-Z.

“Supernova” is a nice electronic-pop track from British singer Mr. Hudson, who is signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Records imprint, under Mercury. His second full-length album, “Straight No Chaser,” was executive produced by the hip-hop superstar.

The track is really catchy, a little wordy, and I find the term “Supernova” a bit tricky, as it has no good rhyme words and like, well, “Champagne Supernova,” I don’t have any idea what it’s supposed to mean. It sounds awfully destructive.

No matter, I like Mr. Hudson’s voice, even if it is over-stylized with the aforementioned auto-tune. He’s also unfortunately dressed like an evil super-villain — what, with the high-collared tight shirt and the tone-on-tone monochrome — but clearly a good lookin’ dude.

It’s a well-known tome that artists with labels would never dare to sign another artist who could eclipse their own fame or talent. But judging from this hot tune, Mr. Hudson could make plenty of headway.

“Straight No Chaser” will be released Oct. 5 in the U.K. There is no released date yet for the U.S.


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