Watch: ‘My Teen Is Pregnant & So Am I’ promises more awkwardness

06.11.13 4 years ago

Some moms pass along their recipes for Meatloaf Surprise, others pass along the joy of teen pregnancy. In this clip from “My Teen Is Pregnant & So Am I,” (season premiere tonight at 10:00 p.m. on TLC), we get to tag along on an uncomfortable visit to the gynecologist as 33-year-old Nicole takes her 17-year-old daughter Mariah to be poked and prodded while staring at her balefully. Can’t wait to watch the fun baby shower these two will surely be having!

Here’s more on Mariah and Nicole as well as the other moms and daughters featured in this season of “My Teen Is Pregnant & So Am I.”


·      Mother: Lorna (41) – Lorna is pregnant with her fifth child with her long-term boyfriend Chuck, with whom she already has two children. They have been together for eleven years, but he is frequently out of town for work, which leaves Lorna – a stay-at-home mom – by herself to take care of the kids. Lorna disapproves of her daughter Chaé”s boyfriend Austin and expresses her disappointment openly with “she could have picked a different baby daddy!”

·      Daughter: Chaé (19) – Chaé did not plan on getting pregnant.  In fact, after a recent surgery for pre cervical cancer, she didn”t think she would ever be able to conceive.  To add to the drama, her boyfriend Austin has cheated on her in the past and Chaé”s family has little faith in their future together.    


·      Mother: Nicole (34) – Both Nicole and her own mother were once teen moms. So, Nicole has always vowed that her daughter would break that cycle.  Needless to say, she was not happy about her daughter”s pregnancy and begged her to consider other options, but Mariah was determined to keep her baby.  This is Nicole”s sixth child and second with her current boyfriend AJ, whom she suspects is cheating on her. 

·      Daughter: Mariah (16) – Unlike her mother, Mariah and her boyfriend are excited about the baby. She is adamant that she will still finish school and make something of herself.  But her mother knows firsthand how hard that will be. Mariah does not get along with her mother”s boyfriend and resents her because she feels that she already has too many children.  

KRISTI & KIM (St. Augustine, FL)

·      Mother: Kristi (42) – Kristi and her husband Bill are expecting a girl, and they were furious when they found out their daughter was pregnant and fear this is only the beginning of a long line ofdisappointments.  To make matters worse, Kristi and Bill are not fond of Kimberly”s boyfriend and father of the baby, Michael – they think he”s disrespectful and lazy and fear because he is unreliable, they will have to support their new grandchild. 

·      Daughter: Kimberly (16) – Kimberly has always been a happy, outgoing, popular kid who was extremely involved in her high school.  She is a good student and has dreams of going to college to pursue a nursing degree. But things are different now – she is trying on maternity jeans instead of homecoming dresses.  To make matters worse, Kimberly”s boyfriend has been ordered by the courts to go to rehab and has been absent for most of her pregnancy.  He manages to get released on good behavior in order to be present for the birth of their baby, but the question still remains on how much he”s really going to be there to help raise their child. 


·      Mother: Lemhele (34) – Having been a teen mom herself at only 17, Lemhele had always thought that her mistake would provide a cautionary tale for her daughter so when she took her to a routine doctor”s appointment, she could not have been more shocked to find out her 14-year old daughter was five months pregnant. To add to the stress, financially the pregnancies are going to be a big strain on the family, as Lemhele will be supporting everyone on her single income and trying to figure out how to fit two new babies in their small three-bedroom apartment. 

·      Daughter: Shaniyah (14) – Shaniya claims she had no idea she was pregnant, but her mother is not convinced and thinks she was hiding it all along.  Her mother knows nothing about the baby”s father, Dwayne, whom Shaniyah would sneak into the house when Lemhele was working late at night. Finding out that she is going to be a teen mom hasn”t diminished Shaniyah”s big dreams – she still wants to become a lawyer and is determined to make it to Harvard. With four months to go, Shaniyah”s attitude is getting worse and her mother”s rules are starting to make her crazy.  

Will you be watching “My Teen Is Pregnant & So Am I”?

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