Watch: New ‘Footloose’ trailer promises big drama, bigger dancing

08.12.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

When I posted my piece the other day about “Footloose,” I referred to the film as a musical, and Craig Brewer actually showed up in our comments section to clarify that this is not a film where people burst into song.  By that strict definition, it’s not a musical, it’s a dance film.

But music is obviously a huge part of the movie, both in design and in the way it’ll be sold, and the new trailer that arrived online today is cut to a very spare reworking of the original Kenny Loggins theme for the first film, and it’s a really effective look at what Brewer’s put together.

One of the things that makes me think this is going to be more than just an empty cash grab is listening to Brewer talk about the subtext that made him want to remake the film in the first place.  We live in a reactionary time, and I think it’s clear to anyone who lived through 9/11 and the way things changed afterward that all it takes is a push, and America is ready to overreact, especially when it’s in the name of “the children.”

I’m totally unfamiliar with both of the young leads here.  I have no idea who Kenny Wormald is or what other work he may have done, but the film lives or dies based on his ability to carry it, so fingers crossed.  Julianne Hough is at least a name I’ve seen before, but I’m pretty sure this film will be the first time I see her in anything.  The one thing the trailer clearly indicates is that the two of them can dance like crazy, and considering how huge the dance film genre has been for young audiences recently, the bar is set pretty high in terms of coming up with dance scenes that feel exciting.

Throw in Dennis Quaid as the disapproving preacher who started this whole thing, and it’s shaping up as a fun October release, and one that I’m definitely looking forward to checking out.

“Footloose” opens everywhere October 14, 2011.

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