Watch: New ‘Hunger Games’ clip features Katniss and Cinna’s first meeting

03.07.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) meets Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) for the first time in this latest clip from “The Hunger Games”, the hugely-anticipated adaptation of the book by Suzanne Collins that, at least based on its massive advance ticket sales, may well be on track to match (or even exceed) the opening-weekend take of the first “Twilight” movie when it opens on March 23. (Psst! You can buy your own advance tickets over at our “Hunger Games” event page.)

For those unfamiliar with the books, Cinna is the stylist assigned to Katniss in preparation for her big debut in The Hunger Games, an annual competition that pits 24 randomly-selected teenagers in a battle to the death, with the entire affair broadcast on live television.

The above clip demonstrates the sympathy Cinna has for Katniss’ plight, as he comes up with a strategy to make her more appealing to the masses during a parade that introduces the players to the viewing audience for the first time. If the contestants manage to win over those watching the event on TV, they have the opportunity to rack up “sponsors” – those who can help them out of a bind by sending needed supplies into the computer-controlled arena where the carnage takes place.

While I’ll admit it’s not exactly the most action-packed of clips, for Kravitz’s bitchin’ eye makeup alone I’m gonna go ahead and rate this a “B+”.

Watch the clip for yourself above, and then give it your own letter grade at top left!

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