Watch: Nic Cage in new clips from ‘Knowing’

03.13.09 9 years ago

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The weekend of March 20 is looking to be a banner one for movies and, at the moment, Nic Cage’s new thriller “Knowing” is leading the pack for box office supremacy.

The first film from critically acclaimed director Alex Proyas since 2005’s blockbuster “I, Robot,” the thriller finds college professor John Koestler (Cage) in the middle of a strange set of prophetic numbers that appears to spell apocalyptic doom for the world. It all begins 50 years previous when a young student includes a sheet of seemingly random numbers in her elementary school’s time capsule.  When the contents are unearthed present day, Koestler’s son Caleb (Chandler Cantebury) finds the cryptic messages.  Handing them over to his dad, Koestler soon deciphers that the numbers have predicted ever major disaster of the last half century, but more chillingly, also predict more tragedies to come. Cann he convince the authorities in time to stop it?  It’s unclear, but Proyas may be one of the few filmmakers out there to bring such an intriguing proposition to a satisfying conclusion. 

In order to wet your appetite for the flick, here are three clips, including two new ones, from the film worth checking out.

[As always, click on the button to the left of the sound icon to watch it full screen.]

Highway Collision
In this startling scene, Koestler (Cage) realizes some of the numbers provide locations for disasters. And, of course, he’s smack dad in the middle of one of them.

Koestler (Cage) explains to a colleague his theory on the document his son unearthed.

Koestler (Cage) takes matters into his own hands and tries to warn the public about impending doom on a city subway train.

“Knowing” Final Trailer

opens nationwide on March 20.

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