Watch: Norah Jones takes to the high seas ‘Chasing Pirates’

10.27.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Aye, matey! Norah Jones returns ready to shiver your timbers with the video for “Chasing Pirates,” the first single from her new album, “The Fall.”

Jones, living in an apartment far below her means (does she not know how many records she”s sold?) opens her dilapidated door to see another message in a bottle. This one contains a map of New York-or more likely New Amsterdam in pirate days. Before we know it, she”s asleep and is dreaming about sailing the high seas via the streets of Manhattan as she hoists the sales and navigates her apartment building past Central Park.

The plot (the only other person we see is someone for a few seconds only in a ship in a bottle) is as slight as the song, but Jones looks so adorable (she”s sporting a feisty, short new ‘do that really suits her) and seems to be having so much fun, that it seems downright petty to complain about the lack of a storyline.

Rich Lee, who worked on the special effects for the first three “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, directed “Chasing Pirates,” and gives the clip its dreamy, atmospheric feel.Where’s Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow when you need him?

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