Watch: of Montreal’s ‘Coquet Coquette’ will tear your heart out

08.18.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

A coquette is a woman who desires mens’ affections without having to surrender any true intentions.

of Montreal’s “Coquet Coquette” is a music video that seemingly has nothing to do with coquettes. However, it is a good excuse to feature ritual violence, loincloths and cannibalism. (And,perhaps, a very brief peek of Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington, but that’s probably just my eyes playing tricks on me.)

Frontman Kevin Barnes makes a cameo himself, as a sort of survivor of the slaughter. I’m not sure if this tale is based on a historical incident — of an island of mostly white people that turn against the Others (“Lost”?), but it’s a battle that will surely be recounted by our children, and our children’s children, for days upon days.

“Coquet Coquette” is the leading single from of Montreal’s forthcoming new album “False Priest,” out on the highly popular release date of Sept. 14. It was produced by Barnes and Jon Brion and features guest spots from Janelle Monae and Solange Knowles (!).

And good news for cassette lovers: a limited edition run of 500 copies with a 12-panel booklet of Barnes family art is being run of the album, and it comes with a digital download of the album.

As previously reported, of Montreal’s tour with Monae was among our top 10 indie rock tours to see this fall. Three new dates have since been added, with a stop in San Francisco on Oct. 29 and a two-day stint in Atlanta on Nov. 6-7. Have you bought your tickets yet?

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