Watch: Official music video for Muse’s ‘Resistance’

01.14.10 8 years ago

AP Photo

Better late than never. Even though we were obsessing over Muse’s “The Resistance” last year, the band has now finally come out with a concert-oriented music video to the title track from its latest album.

It opens with lines of Muse lovers somberly waiting to be shuffled into an arena, then blasting off with live concert footage. Not exactly groundbreaking, conceptually, but a fairly revving, accurate look at what a Muse show is like. We know, we were at their 2008 Madison Square Garden show. There was glitter there too.

“The Resistance,” the album, was released in September last year, but the song has been showing up on some radio stations around the country. Odd, though, the track “Uprising” is the song that has the most steam. We told you so.

As previously reported, the British band has slated a few dates in the U.S. for March — with Silversun Pickups, to boot! — and have since added even more.

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