Watch: Opening sequence from ‘The Muppets’ effortlessly charms

11.08.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

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The music of “The Muppets” is a major part of the film’s appeal, and so far, it’s the soundtrack that has spent the most time in the various CD players around the house.  The boys and I listen to it each day on the way to and from school, and they’ve already started to learn all the words to the songs.

Yesterday, Katie Hasty ran the song that opens the film, and today, we’ve got the actual video from that number.  This is basically the opening of the film, and it introduces Gary (Jason Segel), Mary (Amy Adams), and the brand-new Muppet, Walter as they prepare for their big trip to Hollywood.

Music and dance have always been important parts of the world of the Muppets, and I’m really impressed by the way the songs in this film fit into the Muppet pantheon so effortlessly.  “I’ve Got Everything That I Need,” the song featured here, is one of the songs written by Bret McKenzie, who you may know as one of the members of Flight Of The Conchords.  McKenzie’s voice is crystal clear in the film, and if you like the music he performs as part of FOTC, then you’ll probably have a great time with these songs.

I’m also impressed with the way Segel took to singing and dancing onscreen.  Amy Adams has always struck me as a lifelong drama student, and she confirms that in our interview that we’ll be running here the week the movie opens.  When she sings and dances in the film, it’s easy to remember why “Enchanted” was such a big hit, but you add in Jason, who looks like he’s having the time of his life in every single moment he’s onscreen in this movie, and Muppets and the choreography by Michael Rooney, and it’s all just like a pure sugar rush.

Obviously, I can’t review the film yet, but I think it’s safe for me to say that Muppet fans everywhere are getting an early Christmas present this year, and we’ll have plenty more about the movie before it opens on November 23.

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