WATCH: Our exclusive trailer premiere of the documentary ‘The Dungeon Masters’

01.08.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Cinetic Media

I missed this one at SXSW and Toronto, which seems to be a mantra of mine no matter how many films I see at these festivals, but I’m very interested.  I thought Keven McAlester’s last film “You’re Gonna Miss Me” was sort of awesome, a look at rock icon Roky Erickson and his long struggle with mental illness.  And there’s no doubt that the subject matter of people who are wrapped up in the world of “Dungeons & Dragons” is potentially ripe for the right filmmaker.  I’m curious about tone and about how much respect he does or doesn’t pay to these people, and now, thanks to Amazon VOD as well as iTunes and Netflix, I’m going to get my chance to find out.

Check out this description:

“From award-winning filmmaker Keven McAlester (“You”re Gonna Miss Me”) comes this acclaimed documentary about the lives of ordinary Americans who are consumed and obsessed by the legendary game “Dungeons & Dragons.” An evil drow elf is displaced by Hurricane Katrina. A sanitation worker lures friends into a “Sphere of Annihilation.” A failed super-villain starts a cable-access show involving ninjas, puppets, and a cooking segment. These are the characters, real and imagined, of Keven McAlester”s documentary, a selection of the Toronto and SXSW Film Festivals.

THE DUNGEON MASTERS will premiere exclusively on Amazon VOD ( on February 12. Shortly after that, it will launch on iTunes and Netflix.

You can add the film to your Netflix queue here:”

I’m getting ready to add a Netflix account to the house specifically for the streaming service.  I don’t really need or want DVD rentals (trust me, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy at any given moment), but I’ve said for years how I’d use a streaming service like this if there was one, and I’ve just been dragging my feet.

If the description didn’t convince you, the fine folks over at Cinetic sent over an exclusive trailer for you, which you can see below, or in a larger form here:


Looks good, and if I check it out soon, I’ll absolutely do a QuickFix review of it.  And if you end up seeing it and loving it, let me know, particularly if you’re a D&D fan past or present.

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