Watch: Paramore’s new video for ‘The Only Exception’

02.19.10 7 years ago

Paramore”s new video for “The Only Exception” is definitely a labor of love: The clip for the band”s third single from “Brand New Eyes,” features lead singer Hayley Williams lying on a bed of handmade Valentine”s lovingly crafted by the group”s fans.

It”s as if she”s surrounded by those perfect, colorful candy hearts that we all used to gobble as kids. But not all is well in Loveland: even though she”s found a beau, he seems too good to be true and her past has her spooked. What follows are vignettes of Williams trying to find love only to realize that the dude she left sleeping on the couch was quite the catch.

There are stereotypes aplenty: Williams is the only person dressed in black among dozens of people clad in white and bathed in angelic light as a bride comes through door. This clearly symbolizes her crozzled heart and sense of isolation in case you”re not getting the point otherwise.The video matches the song”s sweetness without ever lapsing into treacly goo. Plus, Williams gives one of her best vocal performances on a tune that is much more Ingrid Michaelson than Paramore.

We know Williams can rock, so it”s nice to see her softer, frilly side here.

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