Watch: Paramore’s new video for ‘Now’

02.12.13 5 years ago

Fueled By Ramen

Love conquers all. I know that”s the message I”m supposed to take away from Paramore”s new video for “Now,” but I just wanted it to be over. Besides, don”t they know that love is a battlefield?

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In the Daniel Cloud Campos-directed clip, which premiered on MTV, lead singer Hayley Williams and her two bandmates are on the battlefield. They are unarmed–or so it would seem, it turns out their secret weapon is love–totally outmanned by a fleet of soldiers. We have no idea what they”re fighting about, but that kind of information is extraneous when there are such lofty goals as world peace at stake.

Williams, looking like a street urchin out of “Les Miserables,” and Jeremy Davis and Taylor York don”t have the seemingly good sense to get out of harm”s way. Yes, the song has lyrics like “Lost the battle, win the war,” but that doesn”t mean literally.

Just as it looks like Williams is about to be a goner, she hugs her enemy and, wouldn”t you know, that”s all it takes. We”re sure if she”d known that would work, she would have tried it much earlier.

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