Watch Paul Van Dyk’s very expensive sci-fi album trailer and music video

03.02.12 6 years ago

In Paul Van Dyk’s world, if we are the last humans to survive a nuclear fallout or hostile interaction with mysterious, floating outer-spacemen, or our own science-fiction-driven evolution, then he wants it to be a dance-heavy affair.

Who knows, maybe somebody’s dancing underneath that protective spacesuit in the “Verano” music video, but the veteran producer and DJ hints at a much larger scale narrative with his new album “Evolution.” The trailer for the new album — his first in five years — is only a minute long, but some of the designs and animation is so beautiful, I wouldn’t doubt that he and his handlers have many, many more videos to debut in conjunction with this release. I mean, why pay that much money for just one clip?

“Evolution” is PVD’s sixth album and the follow-up to 2007’s “In Between,” though of course this productive German DJ (he is primarily a producer, after all) has been extremely active with the years in between, including collaboration discs, singles and installments from his VONYC Sessions compilations.

Below is Paul Van Dyk’s “Evolution” (out April 3) and the music video for “Verano,” featuring extra beats from Austin Leeds. Does this get you excited for the apocalypse?

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