Watch: Pink goes arty for new video for ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’

07.26.12 5 years ago 3 Comments


There”s no shortage of guys in Pink”s world. Finding quality ones can be a bit problematic though. In the video for “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” she goes through a few bad boys before finding the right one.

The Dave Meyers-directed clip opens like a French movie from the ’50s.  Shot entirely in black and white, except for the red wine and an exploding heart at the end, the clip takes an arthouse approach to a song that is anything but arty. It”s an interesting contrast.

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As Pink and Loverboy No. 1 are having a romantic picnic, he commits the cardinal sin of taking a call from, presumably, another lover. Pink ditches him, and much of her clothing, and just happens to stumble across Loverboy No. 1. A remarkably similar-looking scruffy dude who just whisks her away to a mansion on his motorcycle. There, as she poses for Loverboy No. 2, who, bien sur, is a painter, she gets a chance to show us all, in a very tasteful way, that she has definitely lost all the body weight. She definitely gets to play with her sexuality, as she dresses like a man and flirts and dances with a blonde lovely.  Loverboy No. 1 returns, Pink thinks he”s proposing to her, but it turns out she”s losing both her new potential blonde bombshell and Loverboy No. 1 since he”s proposing to her instead.Oy! This is like an episode of “The Bachelorette!” And, Pink, why would you want this dude anyway?

She makes sure that havoc wreaks upon their wedding and escapes with Loverboy No. 3 on a winged bicycle.

It”s beautifully shot, although the black and white looked washed out on our computer no matter how much we tried to adjust it. No one has to do a literal interpretation of a song, but this one doesn”t particularly work for me. The video seems like it should go with a different song that doesn”t have variations of the phrase “I”ve had a shit day” on autorepeat and the term whiskey dick.

“Blow Me” is the first single from Pink’s new album, “The Truth About Love,” out in September.

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