Watch: Pink’s lyric video for ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’

07.10.12 5 years ago


I don”t know exactly when over the last year that lyric videos became mandatory, but many acts now produce them as a stop-gap between when the audio single is released and the full official video.  Some are exactly what the title implies: the song”s lyrics scrolled across the screen, others are fully-fleshed out ideas that could serve as the final video.

Pink”s video for “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” falls on the simpler end of the spectrum. In front of an array of backdrops, including the beach and a mosaic tile, a nose ring-wearing redhead with red, white and blue nail polish, opens her mouth, as the written lyrics appear as a word bubble out. She doesn”t even seem to be particularly singing or lipsyncing with the lyrics. It”s all shot close up so we seldom see her full face and with very quick cuts.

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To be sure, there are some lyrics that are so great they deserve to be highlights, but I”m not sure “No more sick whiskey dick” is one of them.

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is the first single from “The Truth About Love,” Pink”s first studio album in four years, which will come out Sept. 18.

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