Watch: Rain, his six-pack, and James McTeigue discuss ‘Ninja Assassin’

11.24.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Last Friday, I had a busy day away from the house, filled with all sorts of interesting things.  For example, I finally tracked down and ate at the Grilled Cheese Truck here in LA, which was parked in Hollywood for lunch. It was every bit as amazing as I hoped it would be, and if you ever see them, stop and try the mac-and-cheese and pulled-pork-BBQ grilled cheese sandwich.  It is just plain crazy.

I also went to one of the various studio lots here in town and saw one of the various Christmas movies that is coming out soon, although I’m sworn to silence on that for about another week.  What I can share with you is the way the morning started, in the Hollywood Hills, perched above the Magic Castle at the Yamashiro Restaurant.

Warner Bros. took over the patio of the restaurant for the TV press day for “Ninja Assassin,” and I dropped by to talk to the film’s star, Korean pop idol Rain, as well as the director of the movie, James McTeigue.  The two of them together were in a great mood, chatting and cracking jokes between interviews, and by the time I sat down across from them, they were on a roll, ready to talk, and the resulting conversation was good fun.

I am particularly impressed by the sheer bravado Rain exhibits when I ask him about being compared to Bruce Lee if he ends up making that “Enter The Dragon” remake that is so heavily rumored.  Without a moment’s hesitation, Rain offers up his opinion of just how he stacks up to the martial arts legend, and you’ve got to love somebody who is this confident, this willing to commit hubris with a smile.

If you want to watch a larger version of the interview, you can do that here.

Thanks, as always, to the fine folks at Warner Bros. and to the filmmakers for their time.

“Ninja Assassin” will be racking up a body count at theaters everywhere this holiday weekend, and if you’d like, check out my review of the movie

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