Watch: Ralph Fiennes, Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson in ‘Clash Of The Titans’

11.10.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Warner Bros.

Well, if you’re going to remake things, this looks like the way you should do it.

I know the original “Clash Of The Titans” is much loved, so I’ll tread lightly here.  I like the film, but I can also recognize that it’s got some big huge flaws.  It’s one of those films I enjoy watching, particularly if I stumble across it on cable, but that I find myself tuning out of at times, depending on what part is on.  Between Bubo the R2-D2 owl and Harry Hamlin, it’s sort of a miracle the film is enjoyable at all.

But, yes, Ray Harryhausen’s work makes up for all of that, and then some.  Pegasus, Medusa, the Kraken, the Harpies… it’s overloaded with great creature moments, and for a Harryhausen fan, that more than makes up for any narrative weakness.

This remake’s been in the works for a while, since well before “300” became a break-out hit for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, and they’ve had writers like Lawrence Kasdan and Travis Beachum take a shot at it over the years.  Now, under the guidance of director Louis Leterrier, they’ve finally pulled it off, and Yahoo! Movies has the exclusive premiere of the trailer this afternoon.

My first impression?

This is gonna be fun.

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for anything with giant scorpions and demons and blind prophets and Liam Neeson as a god, but I also think Leterrier is proving himself, film after film, as a guy who really gets that action movies are fun.  I’m surprised how often everything in modern action cinema has to be grim and punishing and miserable.  Says who?

To watch an even larger version of the new trailer click here.

It’s hard to believe this one’s right around the corner, set for a March release, but that’s good.  Now that Warner has their campaign underway, I hope to see more of the movie soon, and I would assume each new glimpse will tell us more about the tone they’re going for and the story they’re trying to tell.  I’m not worried if they alter it from the 1981 film, since that already played so fast and loose with Greek mythology. All I want is a great adventure, something that I can take budding Harryhausen freak Toshi to see next spring, and so far, it looks like that’s exactly what we’re getting.

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