Watch: Rihanna’s video for ‘Hard’

12.17.09 8 years ago

Just in time for the holidays, Rihanna has made a special little video for the troops. Who know she was so patriotic? She”s not even American, for gosh”s sake.

“Hard,” which features Jeezy, has a military theme, but is basically an excuse to look at Rihanna”s spectacular breasts in their various stages of display. Apparently, they”re so potent, that she has to put black tape over where her nipples would be, even she”s wearing a flesh-colored top. Also, taking a tip from Lady GaGa, she”s rarely in pants, just her underwear. We”re not really sure that any of her outfits are standard military issue, although we love the low-cut dress with the spikes. That’s convenient for hand-to-hand combat.
The clip plays like an extended fashion shoot for W or Vogue where the model is in some completely nonsensical setting wearing totally inappropriate clothes, but the whole thing looks wildly Fabulous and very, very expensive.  
We”re still a little baffled by the Mickey Mouse ears that she sports at the end. Is that her statement on the ridiculousness of war? We”re also curious if Disney signed off on a licensing agreement given that Rihanna”s image is hardly Disney-sanitized. 
You can watch the video on, once you ge past the notice that says this is an MTV premiere presented by AT&T (even though it”s on her website) and then are told to “Share this moment on Facebook and Twitter” and then cut off the scrolling constant tweets at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes, too much marketing is just too much.
But overall, nice going Rihanna. The troops salute you… and given the way you”re dressed, we mean that in more ways than one.


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