Watch: Rihanna says ‘Cheers’ to the freakin’ weekend in new video

08.26.11 6 years ago

AP Photo

Road videos. Everybody’s got one. Rihanna now has her own, and like others’, it’s a testament to her true personality, or at least the one she’s trying to uphold.

“Cheers (Drink to That)” is a bubbly, high-energy, big-movement visual for a kicked-back pop pick from the Bajan singer’s latest “Loud.” All the usual tour highlights make the cut: taking shots, taking photos, feet descending from a black SUV, people jumping into pools with all their clothes on. It’s California the world over. It almost makes you think that Ri-Ri has always lived this charmed life.

But it also may have you checking for Ticketmaster. While early reports of slow ticket sales plagued the pop star’s touring plans, this is as tasty a treat to tease people into seats for a set. It’s not redefining a genre, but the single will do well and these well-crafted visuals will help give it legs as long as Rihanna’s.

Oh what’s that you said? Rihanna’s done touring the U.S. and has extensive dates overseas only? Guess they’re the ones who get to clink glasses the most.

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