Watch: Rihanna shakes her groove thing in ‘Rude Boy’ video

02.11.10 8 years ago

Fun Rihanna is back and she”s brought plenty of attitude with her. On the video for “Rude Boy,” the latest single from “Rated R,” Rihanna combines pop art, sass, fashion and lots and lots of enviable booty shaking.

The clip is a constant kaleidoscope of changing images and colors with no discernible plot other than that Rihanna”s about to get laid and you”re invited, if you think you”re man enough-and can follow a few simple orders.

The video is incredibly hot, but never veers into cheap exploitation. (If I looked 1/100th as good as Rihanna does in that gold jumpsuit, I”d wear it 24/7). Rihanna is in command of her sexuality in a way that few females are. It”s not about what you”re going to do to her; it is 100% about what she”s going to do to you. And you”ll thank her later.

While the music is completely different, the video”s precursor/ancestor is Madonna”s “Express Yourself” in terms of a woman owning her sexuality. As my colleague Katie Hasty pointed out, the dancing, attitude and quick cuts also recall more recent clips from M.I.A. and Santigold.

Watch  the video for the fashion, the booty or just try to identify each pop artist different segments are paying homage to, such as the long, black and white segment that”s taken straight from a Keith Haring painting.

After a couple of tough, tough videos for tunes like “Hard” and “Russian Roulette,” it”s nice to see a lighter Rihanna having some fun. Enjoy.  She certaintly is.

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