Watch: Rihanna sings Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall,’ is having an accident-prone week

04.22.10 8 years ago

Rihanna is having a rough week, but nothing a “Wonderwall” can’t withstand.

The singer was hospitalized on Monday after her show in Zurich, Switzerland, in and out of the emergency room for, reportedly, and injured rib. No word yet how the rib was injured — though helpful to take in consideration the rigors of her dance-heavy stage shows and multiple costume changes.

It was at that same Swiss show that the singer put her own, short spin on recently-split Oasis’ mega-hit “Wonderwall.” Admittedly, I giggled upon hearing the first “you” in the lyrics, but the woman’s her own woman, let her do what she wants.

Correlative? We think not. Weird, absolutely.

Fast forward to today, and Rihanna is getting guff for taking a fall onstage last night in Marseille, France as she sang “Let Me.” Someone was cruel enough to put the captured footage in slow motion.

Is Rihanna OK? Should we be worried?

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