Watch: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, more talk Volturi in ‘New Moon’ clip

11.03.09 8 years ago

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As we amble toward the Nov. 20 release date of “Twilight Saga: New Moon,” more materials and mysteries are being unveiled, including the role of the Volturi vampire clan.

In the brand new clip below, “New Moon” principals Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get a chance to discuss what this Italy-based crew is all about. Also, check out the behind-the-scenes footage of Pattinson’s Edward getting launched ceiling-ward on wires and getting fake pummeled by this tough breed of blood-suckers.

Interviews are also conducted with actors like Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen as they talk — in full costume, red eyes and all — about what each’s respective roles are in the Volturi.

It’s cool to see the cast swinging, punching and destroying, what with all the lovey-dovey hot kissy action in the new TV spot for the film (see below). It’s a more Jacob-centric spot, with Taylor Lautner’s transformation, his physical prowess and finally a better view of the kissing scene between him and Stewart’s Bella. “I’ve gotta go,” Jacob quips. “I’ve got a vampire to kill.” And we get a better idea of just which one he’s talking about toward the end of the clip.

Anya Marina, a music artist featured on the soundtrack, has released her misty-water-colored music video for “Satellite Heart,” which will be in the film. It too has some Edward and Bella shots worthy of its hazy, desperately sad melody.

Finally, MySpace scored one other exclusive premiere, which is the photo below of Kristen Stewart and director Chris Weitz in Italy, amongst a sea of red capes. Don’t you wish you were an extra, too?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Volturi Featurette

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Never Hurt You TV Spot

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

‘Satellite Heart’ Anya Marina

Anya Marina | MySpace Video

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