Watch: ‘Robin Hood’ gets an epic new trailer

03.10.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

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I don’t say this to be rude, but I keep forgetting this film is coming out.

I’m not one of those people who bashed “Gladiator” post-Oscars.  I thought it was a rousing piece of entertainment the first time I saw it, and I still admire the way Ridley Scott put it all together.  I actually prefer the more complex “Kingdom Of Heaven,” or at least the director’s cut, but I think it’s exciting to put Scott and Russell Crowe together again.

I guess the reason I’ve had trouble mustering much enthusiasm of any sort for this film is because of the story itself.  Robin Hood has been told and retold in myriad ways, and I think it’s a decent story that’s hard to make fresh.  Still, the new trailer for this film goes a long way towards selling me on the idea that this is going to be an epic adventure story.

And aside from Russell Crowe, there is a fairly amazing cast here.  Mark Strong has quickly become one of the go-to bad guys in Hollywood, and with good reason.  He’s able to bring nuance to even the broadest of characters, and he’s just one of the opponents that Crowe’s got to face in the film.  There’s Prince John (Oscar Isaac) and the Sheriff Of Nottingham (Matthew Macfayden), and it looks like one of the biggest obstacles he’s going to face in the film is the incredible strength of this film’s Maid Marian (Cate Blanchett).

There are collaborators for Robin as well, including Mark Addy as Friar Tuck and Kevin Durand as Little John.  Throw in Danny Huston, William Hurt, and Max Von Sydow, and it’s just packed with heavy-hitters.

Ultimately, though, what’s going to define this film is the action, and that seems to be on a scale that only someone with the experience that Ridley Scott has would even try to stage.

Enough preamble, though.  Check it out for yourself.

The film comes out on May 14, 2010, one of the first big shots of the summer.

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