Watch: Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock and, yes, Betty White in ‘The Proposal’ clips

06.13.09 8 years ago

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After seeing the new Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock romantic comedy “The Proposal,” it occurred to this writer that it may just be the summer’s counterpoint to “The Hangover.”  It’s not that the picture is just for women (in fact, guys tend to find it very funny as well), but like “The Hangover,” it’s taking a well known genre and executing it in a funny and fresh way. 

The flick finds Sandra Bullock playing Margaret, the boss from hell.  She’s difficult, uncompromising and unsympathetic to anyone in her way.  For her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) she’s just a means to achieve his dream job of being a major book editor.  When Margaret screws up her green card, she’s under the gun to stay in New York and not be forced to return to Canada for a year where she’ll loose her job.  In an act of desperation (depicted in one of the scenes below) she informs her curious employers that a very surprised Andrew is her fiance and their marriage will solve the whole situation.  Like “The Hangover,” however, “The Proposal” doesn’t exactly go in the direction you’d expect.  Sure, there is the overly cute grandmother (the legendary Betty White) and the annoying government investigator and a pointlessly uncomfortable male stripper scene, but it also has some twists and turns you won’t see coming.

So, Before you dismiss it as just another “Sandra Bullock romantic comedy for chicks,” check out the clips below to see why Reynolds signed up for it in the first place.  You may be surprised how much you find yourself enjoying it.

Look for interviews with Bullock, Reynolds and most intimidating of all – Betty White — next week on HitFix.

“The Proposal” opens nationwide on June 19.

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