Watch: Ryan Reynolds talks ‘Deadpool’ and ‘The Proposal’

06.17.09 8 years ago


Video interviews are a funny thing.  A bunch of journalists, shuttered in and out with different talent only getting 3-5 minutes to ask their questions.  Many times, especially after the stars have been through a whole day of interviews, you ask around to see what their mood is and what got them to perk up and say something interesting with another reporter. 

Casually, I pestered my buddy Mr. James Rocci, here representing my old stomping grounds at MSN Movies, what worked during his chat with Mr. Ryan Reynolds which preceded mine.  Mr. Rocci is a former Canadian (now American) and talked with the Canadian Reynolds about the irony of portraying an American while his co-star Sandra Bullock is an American playing a Canadian (get that?).  It’s a key element to their movie “The Proposal” where Bullock’s character, a successful book editor living in New York City, is being threatened with deportation for ignoring her immigration paperwork.  Reynolds plays her assistant who quickly becomes her green card fiance — against his will of course.

Now, as you can tell here, this line of questioning worked splendidly for the witty Mr. Rocci.  Myself?  Not so much.

However, unlike my classy colleague, I had no qualms about discussing Reynold’s highly anticipated return as “Deadpool” in a standalone feature film. It’s worth watching for Reynold’s blunt assessment on that project alone.  You can watch the HitFix interview here or in the embed below.

Look for a much funnier interview with a potty-mouthed Sandra Bullock tomorrow on HitFix.

“The Proposal”
opens nationwide this Friday.

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