Watch: Sam Worthington stands up for ‘Man On A Ledge’

01.25.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

I ran an excerpt from my conversation with Sam Worthington not long after I sat down with him to discuss his new film “Man On The Ledge,” and we ran that one bit because he was talking specifically about his next film, “Wrath Of The Titans.”

We spoke far longer about “Man,” though, and I find Worthington’s evolution as a leading man very interesting.  By the time most audiences saw him for the first time, he’d already been given several huge roles in “Avatar” and “Clash Of The Titans.”  That seems to be a newer phenomenon, when someone gets anointed a movie star before they’ve really been seen by audiences, and it doesn’t always work.

In Worthington’s case, I see exactly why he was cast in those big roles, and I can also see why some audiences just haven’t warmed to him.  He’s not terribly interested in being a giant movie star, and I get the feeling that some of the attention has been difficult for Worthington.  In every conversation we’ve had so far, it strikes me that he really wants to just get better at his craft, pushing himself whenever possible.  In “Man On The Ledge,” he’s playing a normal guy, and he can’t really hide behind giant CGI effects or a high concept.

I like Worthington.  I like that he has a low threshold for bullshit in conversation.  I like that he doesn’t seem to have smoothed off any of his own natural personality, which is a little prickly.  So often, once the studios get hold of someone, they turn them into PR robots, and I can’t picture that happening with Worthington.  He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and while I believe he loves his job, I also think he’s self-aware enough to know that all of this can be fleeting, and the only thing that lasts is the work.

“Man On The Ledge” opens this Friday.

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