Watch: Sam Worthington talks about the ‘challenge’ of making an ‘Avatar’ sequel

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It’s hard to believe, but just a year ago no one outside of Hollywood or Australia really knew who Sam Worthington was.  Yes, Worthington had already been discovered by James Cameron and filmed his role as Jake Sully in “Avatar,” but beyond some critically acclaimed TV and film work in Aussie, he was just “that guy” in the trailer for the new “Terminator” movie with Christian Bale. 

How times change.

Now, after “Avatar’s” record breaking $2.66 billion in ticket sales, Worthington is a globally recognized box office star who is about to enjoy his second big hit in a row with Louis Leterrier’s remake of “Clash of the Titans.”  As Perseus, Worthington plays the classic Greek hero who battles Medusa, defies his father Zeus and saves the fair Andromeda from Poseidon’s monster (which in “Clash” is named the Kracken).  It’s the 33-year-old’s third genre film in a row and after at first seeming very uncomfortable with the spotlight he may finally be starting to get the hang of all this fandom.  When you watch this new interview with HitFix’s own Melinda Newman, you’ll discover a Worthington cheerfully blunt when discussing everything from his mistrust of horses, how his statements to journalists have been misinterpreted online or in print and, most important, where he wants to see Jake in any future “Avatar” sequel (and it’s not what you think).

This is a far cry from the shy and un-charismatic Worthington this writer met on the set of “Salvation” almost two years ago.  Perhaps he’s finally getting comfortable having so much of his life documented by the media.  Or more likely, maybe he knew what trouble “Salvation” was in at the time.  That sounds like an excellent question for HitFix’s next interview with the “Titans” star.

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“Clash of the Titans” opens nationwide in 3-D and IMAX 3-D on April 2.

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